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A Fluxer Team Was Present at ILA 23 to Experience It Firsthand

Last week, the most important interaction design, user experience, tech, and innovation conference of Latin America took place in La Plata: Interaction Latin America 2023.

With thousands of visitors from different countries and over 50 talks, the event featured four thematic axes: the coexistence between working remotely and doing so face-to-face, the new digital world, diversity and inclusion, and the professionalization of experience design.

In this context, our UX Leader, @Lucrecia Feller, gave a talk named ‘New Barriers, New Challenges, New Responsibilities‘ regarding the role of design in new spatial and relational configurations in which analog and digital systems coexist, and also regarding the challenges that arise from the new paradigms of usability and consumption in an increasingly dynamic world.

In this connection, Lucrecia introduced the concept of “new digital urbanization” to analyze the impact that digital products are having on people’s daily lives, thus equating the role that architecture plays in city design with that of designers when developing experiences for digital environments. She emphasized how important it is, as a design community, to take the time to contemplate which changes permeate our daily lives, in a context in which digitization is becoming increasingly accelerated. Lucrecia also highlighted the need to take advantage of the designer’s role “so as to serve the life we want to live, rather than the life others want us to live” in relation to the potential negative impact of technology.

Moreover, she emphasized that designers must assess and take responsibility for the impact that their work has, while placing a particular focus on professional ethics for the sake of new generations and inclusivity so that everyone has access to the same opportunities. As she herself reflected, “Let’s not forget the impact we create with every screen we design.”

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