Integrated Management Policy

Flux IT’s CEO has established the following Integrated Management Policy that will be used as a guide for all the activities that take place at the company. Flux IT LLC is a limited liability company specialized in the development and design of IT solutions, and it commits itself to providing its clients with a service that values information security and quality.

To this effect, we have based our processes on the best international practices regarding quality management and information security, thus always complying with ISO 9001 & 27001 standards and upholding the following principles:

  • To seek constant feedback from customers to develop proactive strategies that, internally and externally, facilitate service provision and meet legal requirements that can be applied to the service itself.
  • To permanently train and raise awareness of staff members to drive their professional development.
  • To define and optimize internal processes with continuous improvement and with the participation of each staff member.
  • To consider the CEO as the organization’s guide in order for him to lead the way towards a transcendent culture, management style, and service provision. 
  • To motivate and create a space to promote teamwork in a welcoming environment that favors commitment and passion for value creation.
  • To use communication quality and proper (internal and external) information management as strategic resources to boost organizational efficiency.
  • To guarantee that information security is managed through the efficient implementation of controls that protect its three properties (confidentiality, integrity and availability) and through a risk-based approach.

This policy has been established and communicated by Flux IT LLC’s CEO, thus transforming it into an orientation guide with a systemic viewpoint for all company activities. This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it remains relevant, and it comes into effect in May 2024.