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New ISO in Sight!

Since ISO Standards provide internationally recognized frameworks, they play a key role in organizations’ continuous improvement and success. At Flux IT, we work non-stop to maintain these quality standards and offer our clients the best service possible.

This year, once again, we have renewed the ISO 9001 certificate, the world’s most recognized standard regarding quality management systems, but that is not all! We have also obtained ISO 27001 certification.

The latter is an international standard that helps organizations to effectively identify and manage their information security risks. In this way, by understanding data as an increasingly strategic and important asset in the market, we reinforce our commitment to ensuring its protection, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity, and security of our clients and fluxers’ information.

“These certifications are extremely important since they do not only prove our commitment to improving the quality of the solutions provided and protecting information, but they also allow us to stand out in the market, especially in sectors where information security is critical.”

Celeste Escobar, Head of the Planning Department