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How it works

Make a dream team, in just 1 week.
Tell us about what you need an your budget. We’ll team up to work it out.

1. Let's have a call

1. Let's have a call

Give us more details about your project and expectations. No worries, we’ll put an NDA in place.

2. Get your proposal, free of charge

2. Get your proposal, free of charge

We’ll work for a week, free of charge, to plan a solution that fits your needs. If we nailed it, let’s team up!

3. Pick your team & services

3. Pick your team & services

I. Standard Team

small team of devs and UX/IU assistance.

II. PRO Team

team of devs, a UX/IU expert, one project or product manager and support from tech architects.

III. Custom team

let’s work out together the best team for your solution. Choose from just UX/UI/Dev assistance to full project outsourcing.

4. Fast delivery

4. Fast delivery

We’ll execute your service or project with agile development & methodology.

5. Feedback, support & monitoring

5. Feedback, support & monitoring

After go-live, we’ll gather customer and operational feedback to help you prepare for the next level.

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Why Flux IT Nearshore?

Flux IT Nearshore is a business unit of Flux IT, aimed to provide world-class IT services to the start up community and SMB market in the United States. These are the reasons why you should try us:

We are based in Argentina

Our headquarters are settled at the most competitive Latin American’ market for IT services. Time overlap (just 1 to 3 hour difference with the US) facilitates communication and team collaboration.

We are agile & flexible

Agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and Lean are at the heart of our work culture. We keep a flexible and curious spirit to adapt to the reality and context of each project.

We are experts

Technology is core at Flux IT. We have +120 tech experts including project and product managers, UX designers, software architects and developers. We’ve been delivering IT services for +10 years.

We are allies

We empathize with your business ideas and your clients’ needs, as  we firmly believe that great teamwork enables to co-create powerful solutions.


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