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Flux IT among Argentina’s Best Workplaces in Latest Great Place to Work’s Survey

This year, and for the first time, we have participated in the employee experience survey of Great Place to Work®. This survey measures the culture of organizations, and we obtained a Certification™ that places us within the ranking of Argentina’s best workplaces. A large percentage of the survey participants (88%) indicated that Flux IT is a great place to work, which is a significant recognition for our culture’s quality.

The evaluation process of Great Place to Work® includes a confidential survey in which every participant assesses Flux IT based on their personal experiences regarding 5 dimensions: fairness, credibility, respect, pride, and camaraderie.

Participating in this survey allows us to understand and quantify the fluxers’ perception of all these dimensions, so that we can identify our main strengths, as well as new improvement opportunities so as to keep strengthening our cultural values.

Hereunder, we will delve into some of our main strengths identified through the survey:

Sense of Community & Engagement

A part of the survey assesses the quality of interpersonal relationships, hospitality, and the sense of belonging to the organization. The majority of the respondents (91%) have a favorable perception of the sense of community and camaraderie at Flux IT.

Furthermore, 95% of the members of the fluxer community state that they can rely on the collaboration with other fluxers and that ever since they joined the company, they have felt supported, which is crucial for ensuring shared learning, collective knowledge, and teamwork, and for allowing us to grow professionally and assist our clients in the best way possible.

Leadership & Credibility

Aspects evaluated include communication, skills, and integrity of leaders within the organization. Closeness and trust between leaders and other organization members are key when working together to ensure habitable workspaces, as well as to achieve a good performance.

A large percentage of the fluxers who participated in the survey (94%) believe that leaders act in an honest and ethical manner. At the same time, 93% of the respondents express that leaders are approachable and encourage people to openly share their viewpoints without penalizing performance for unintentional mistakes while performing their tasks.

Respect & Care for People

Nowadays, people choose workplaces that respect their individualities and personal preferences, while allowing them to grow professionally. This survey also assesses leaders in terms of the support, interest, and care they show for other fluxers. In this regard, 91% of our community highlights the flexibility provided by the organization, through its leaders, to maintain a work-life balance. They also affirm that Flux IT is a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work.

Fairness & Diversity

At Flux IT, we believe that our medium and long-term growth, as well as that of our clients, will be guaranteed if we manage to build habitable environments and spaces. This is crucial in having a strong and healthy culture that allows us to embrace individualities, listen to differences, and grow through the synergy generated by environments that respect diversity.

The perceptions gathered on this topic indicate that people working at Flux IT feel they are treated equitably, regardless of their race (99%), gender (98%), sexual orientation (98%), and age (97%).

Although this has been our first participation in the employee experience survey of Great Place to Work®, we have been working for many years to build an organizational culture that focuses on ensuring a positive experience and the integrity of every individual who is part of our community.

The survey not only shows a high satisfaction level regarding the organizational culture and work environment, but it also gives us the opportunity to gain a more detailed understanding of what our community perceives so as to identify our improvement areas more precisely.

Being ranked among the best workplaces in Argentina is a great satisfaction for our entire community and, at the same time, it renews our commitment to creating positive work experiences for all those ones who contribute every day towards making Flux IT what it is today.

“I am convinced that safeguarding a culture that promotes relationships and bonds based on trust, transparency, collaboration, and respect for individualities creates a virtuous circle that benefits both fluxers and clients. My priority as Head of People is to create a positive experience for everyone who builds our culture and helps our company grow every day.”

Miguel Chalar, Head of People