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Flux IT Attended Expoestrategas 2023

On October 25th and 26th, Goldencenter (Parque Norte) played host to Expoestrategas 2023, the most important on-site event of the Argentine insurance industry and it was divided into two main sections. The first one featured multiple booths from companies dedicated to the insurance sector, offering ample opportunities for networking and for exploring the wide range of industry offerings. The second section was all about talks and presentations on topics relevant to the sector. Government entities, associations, insurance companies, and supplier companies took part in such presentations which ranged from administrative and political matters to the latest technology trends.

Flux IT not only sponsored the event but also took an active part in it by delivering a presentation on one of the industry’s most innovative subjects: the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions. The presentation was led by Pablo Marquevichi, Head of Experience Design, and Alejandro Alessi, Head of Technology.

Given the fact that artificial intelligence is already making a significant impact on the lives of individuals and organizations, Alejandro quoted an IBM report to kick-start the presentation stating that “44% of companies implementing AI in Argentina aim at reducing costs and automating key processes,” and he further noted that, according to an Ipsos report, “66% of people at a global level believe that AI will significantly alter their daily lives in the next 3-5 years.”

The insurance industry is not immune to this trend. In recent years, leading companies in this industry have incorporated AI into their strategic plans in different ways, either for process optimization or customer experience improvement.

Flux IT’s presentation centered on portraying AI as a tool capable of streamlining and enhancing processes and increasing supply within the insurance industry while emphasizing the importance of human involvement during this transition. The presentation not only covered key industry statistics but also provided practical examples of AI implementation, drawing from our ongoing work with clients.

The presentation delved into AI from three specific angles: optimization, customized & omnichannel experiences. Each perspective was supported by real-world case studies, including the resolution of requests from insurance brokers and policyholders, the ability to analyze and extract files from operational workflows, the customization of coverage and costs, the simplification of data entry forms, and a comprehensive explanation of policies and technical/legal terminology, among other aspects.

The presentation concluded by underlining the importance of regarding AI as a tool rather than a goal to achieve, recognizing that AI is still in its nascent stages, and understanding that mistakes are not only unavoidable but essential for its development. Consequently, the human factor remains fundamental to the AI journey.Stay tuned to our Expoestrategas coverage to gain deeper insights about the event and our participation.