3 December, 2021

In a Relationship with Río Uruguay Seguros

In December we embarked on our first project with Río Uruguay Seguros, a company that has been in the insurance market for more than 60 years and operates all over Argentina. It is part of the top 20 companies regarding issued policies in 2021. In addition, it’s the first insurer that uses blockchain technology in Latin America.

For more than 6 months, we’ll be working together to redesign the digital platform of one of the company’s key players: insurance brokers. The process will include a discovery stage to detect current user and business needs, as well as a technology stack update.

With that in mind, our fluxer team will create an MVP of the platform’s web and mobile version: APP RUS PAS and APP RUS Mobile.

The project kickoff was carried out in person at one of the workplaces of Río Uruguay Seguros. Over the next months, we’ll keep working on the roadmap remotely, following the agile framework.

The challenge is part of the insurance company’s path towards digital transformation, both regarding external and internal users, in an effort to develop a technological ecosystem.

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