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Flux IT: RIG’s Key Team Player to Launch their API and to Migrate Data to Salesforce

There’s been a new landmark regarding our projects with Relocation Insurance Group, a company that has 20 years of experience in the moving, storage, logistics and cargo insurance industry and that we’ve walked through their digital transformation process.

This time, a fluxer team was in charge of developing an API to integrate RIG with key partners of the insurance industry (B2B integration). By doing so, fluxers managed to completely automate the sales process of insurance policies.

At the same time, Flux IT accomplished another milestone: the complete migration of the company’s CRM to Salesforce, one of the leading systems on the market that is also a robust and scalable system. As a result, now, RIG’s agents can interact more efficiently with the platform since they can register new insurance policies while monitoring existing ones.

Last but not least, CRM migration and API integration allows RIG to boost and expand their business with better-defined processes and more tools, thus optimizing customer management.

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