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Alfonsina Chesini Reflected on Radio Buenos Aires about the Gender Gap in IT

The IT industry continues to evolve, and it permeates all business areas, thus increasingly spanning across industries. The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation process, granting it a fundamental role worldwide. However, behind this innovative and progressive landscape, there lies a significant gender gap, with only 16% of its workforce being women.

Our Director, Alfonsina Chesini, discussed this disparity on Buenas Tardes, Buenos Aires, where she emphasized the urgent need to address it. She argued that the root of the problem lies in the entrenched societal stereotypes that limit women’s participation in technological roles from an early age. Additionally, she noted that the lack of female role models in the industry and the scarcity of incentives contribute to this inequality, which is reflected in the low representation of women in technology-related careers and their subsequent employment in the IT field.

Nonetheless, the gender gap is not only evident in terms of statistics but also in terms of wages and leadership positions. 1 Regarding this aspect, Alfonsina emphasized, “Yes, the gender pay gap exists. In tune with everything else, reports are improving in this area, but this gap exists among people occupying the same position or performing the same tasks (…) and it also exists in leadership positions. There are fewer women taking on leadership tasks per se.”

At Flux IT, we are committed to tackling this issue comprehensively through our “Soy” program, in which we tackle various initiatives related to diversity within the organization. A key aspect of our approach is to train leaders to foster diversity in their teams and promote an inclusive environment to materialize organizational and cultural change at Flux IT. In addition to leadership training, our strategy includes awareness-raising actions aimed at creating a safe space for dialogue and reflection on gender inequalities in this industry. In this regard, Alfonsina pointed out that “these are the dialogues that make us grow,” both personally and organizationally, and that “organizations are a reflection of societies, so we must follow this path of growth.”

To conclude, Alfonsina emphasized that globalization and digitalization are creating new opportunities for women seeking to enter the IT industry and that, with the boom of training programs and the growing demand for digital skills, women have the opportunity to develop successful careers in the IT field if they set their minds to it.

Listen to the full interview at https://ar.radiocut.fm/audiocut/lic-en-informatica-unlp-alfonsina-chesini-co-fundadora-y-directora-en-flux-it/