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Flux IT Ports Attended Trans-Port 2022 & the Supply Chain Digitalization Conference

Last September, Flux IT Ports sponsored Trans-Port 2022, the main event of Chile’s port and maritime industry, which has become one of the key meeting points for the sector in Latin America, bringing together important industry leaders.

This year, the event was held in the passenger terminal of the port of Valparaíso for the first time. It lasted three days, and it included stands, technical talks, panels and a visit to the port, in addition to multiple networking spaces. Since the event placed the focus on innovation and digitalization, 1800 visitors and more than 50 speakers from 10 different countries of America and Europe were present.

It was the first time that we, Flux IT Ports, were sponsors, and far from settling for that, we also integrated the panel: “From Disruptive Technologies to Disruptive Businesses: Meeting Smart Ports’ Needs”, in which our Technical Leader, Walter Alessandrini, represented us. In addition, Walter chaired a talk called “Increase the Overall Efficiency of your Terminal through VBS implementation”, and he talked with industry leaders about the key role of technology within this industry.

Moreover, in October, we took part in the Supply Chain Digitalization Conference, a two-day online event with a broader perspective of the supply chain, in which we also had the chance to become sponsors and participate as speakers.

Walter Alessandrini, our ambassador at both events, delivered content that was focused on highlighting the importance of implementing a Vehicle Booking System (VBS) in port operations, thus showing the positive impact this implementation has on both planning and communication. In this way, he introduced the public to our product, Container Hub, so as to portray this type of technology implementation and its benefits.

“Taking part in both events allowed us to get to know first-hand the various innovation and digital transformation efforts that are being carried out both at Chilean ports and around the world. Moreover, this type of event is a great opportunity to expand collaboration and communication networks with players from the port and maritime industry at a world-class level.”

Walter Alessandrini, Technical Leader at Flux IT

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