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Flux IT Kicks Off a New Blockchain Project with Bitgenia

Flux IT and Bitgenia, a bioinformatics company specialized in DNA, got together to work on a research, development and innovation project (I+D+I, for its Spanish acronym). We will look into the different ways in which we can use Blockchain technology to upgrade Bitgenia’s core platform and improve their customers’ experience.

More precisely, we aim at presenting DNA samples as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and at uploading these tokens to a public blockchain network. This will make it possible for people to see the use given to this sample and the information it contains. Also, our crew is working on developing a solution to unite the blockchain and offchain world and on creating a series of smart contracts to guarantee traceability and rewards in token format.

This project is part of our Innovation Lines initiatives which seek to analyze how emerging technologies work in specific business cases. This favors both Flux IT and Bitgenia which will gain more openness and security in business processes involving sensitive information.

“As Head of Technology, I am very pleased that we can apply blockchain technology in different situations. This allows us to create products with real value for the market and it gives us the knowledge to add a new practice at Flux IT.”

Facundo Clarat, Head of Technology at Flux IT

“Currently, aside from the crypto world, it is not easy to find contexts in which we can apply Blockchain. We could recently apply it to Flux IT Ports’ supply chain, and now we have applied it to Bitgenia, two very interesting cases to look into and to increase our knowledge so as to improve Flux IT practices.”

Santiago Urrizola, CEO at Flux IT