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A Team of Fluxers Developed a “Tap to Pay” Functionality for Banco Galicia

It’s a new mobile banking feature that allows clients to make payments at shops through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and contactless terminals, a payment method that has boomed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Visa, across the world (except in the United States), two-thirds of transactions are carried out through a contact modality, while in Latin America and the Caribbean contactless payment has already reached 15%. 

The feature is available for Android devices, and our team was the first one to develop it end-to-end in the local market.

“Mobile devices are becoming the payment method of choice and changing users’ habits; that’s why we joined Visa to broaden contactless payment options and keep improving our client’s daily life. At Galicia, we keep working on our strategy, which is focused on offering a unique digital purchase experience within the app, allowing our clients to have the bank at hand wherever they go and to enjoy all the benefits and functionalities of digital finances; we started working on QR payments with MODO, and now through “contactless payments”, explained Diego Furno, Digital Payment Manager at Banco Galicia to Infonegocios, a news portal, highlighting the strategic qualities of this release.

“Galicia is always a challenge. The goals set by the bank are always challenging, and having been up to the task makes us really proud because the team not only proved that we could do it but that we wanted to: we wanted to be part of such an important milestone.

We interacted with Visa, Mastercard, Thales, MODO, and Prisma, creating an amazing integration ecosystem, and meeting the crew’s goals.”

@martin.garcia, Project Leader

Through this development, we keep driving innovation regarding payment methods and adding value to Galicia’s mobile banking app, which surpassed the number of users who logged in by 9% compared to online banking last month.