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Flux IT opened its new house in La Plata

In a relaxed and festive environment, the fluxer community celebrated the opening of its new office, located in Gonnet, La Plata.

It was co- created together with our allies from In Place. This office was built based on 3 topics with a 100% fluxer- centered concept:

An intense space, able to adapt to the needs of fluxers which can grow in time with environments that may be re-set and some privacy.

A house ready to be used with more meeting rooms and informal space to work and relax.

A new beginning which encourages us and allows us to be more concentrated, co- create and make ideas possible.

The new house of Flux IT has a storey for 120 people, dining room and active rest space, apart from a place for after-office meetings allowing the chance to see different species of plants, among other features. The idea of space encourages Fluxer culture strengths, collaborative spirit and horizontal structure which are the Flux IT features. It also promotes company growth.

“We design a vivid experience for these offices making each fluxer feel at home and making them want to come.”

Mariela D’angelo, Inplace

“For us, this is not just moving places. It means helping to make the Flux IT strategy visible in one space: an important step for us to be in harmony, to see and start to work towards our objectives as an organization.”

Alfonsina Chesini, Flux IT CEO