GraphPath offers the fastest way to implement an artificial intelligence strategy for businesses. It provides companies with a way of leveraging their existing data through a unique Knowledge Graph approach to actionable insights that continuously learn and improve over time. The GraphPath Knowledge Graph unifies data from multiple sources into a single well-defined domain model. 

In addition to providing a scalable cloud-based AI platform, GraphPath also provides access to a team of AI experts who can advise on, build, and customize specific solutions.

Flux IT is responsible for the design and development of  node.js microservices, the integration of the platform with third-party services, the execution of different task related to DevOps and operation of the Kubernetes cluster and the design and development of two new components: Dremio Adapter (Data as a service platform ) and BigQuery Adapter (Google cloud platform)

  • AutoML
  • BigQuery
  • Dremio
  • Google Cloud
  • Jupyter
  • Kubernetes
  • Nginx
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • React
  • Superset