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Product Definition: Flux IT’s Move to Unleash Business Ideas 

At organizations, analyzing if an idea is truly a viable and feasible option can sometimes feel like navigating a full-court press, with tough questions coming at you fast: How will it work? What will it look like? What step should be taken to turn it into a reality? Will it add specific value to the company? 

Drawing from our 15 years of first-hand experience with clients across diverse industries, we have learned that crafting and launching competitive and audience-worthy digital products is a journey that takes time and involves certain risks and costs. Keeping this in mind, at Flux IT, we have developed a practice that will be your MVP player during this precise and pivotal moment.

Product Definition helps, when developing or revamping your product or service offerings, to transform an idea into a tangible business concept. It also acts as a guide to define the must-have features of your product or service before the actual development process starts.

Implementing this practice comes with multiple perks, check some of them out:

  • Fast Product Iteration to develop or evolve your product or service more quickly.
  • Risk reduction
  • Greater competitiveness on the market thanks to a rock-solid business idea
  • Team alignment

Another favorable aspect of applying Product Definition is that it is all about putting people at the heart of the process. This practice includes the viewpoint of every member of the organization that is involved with the product or service to tap into their expertise and collaboratively co-create value. As a result, we gain a holistic understanding of the product and its associated services in order to design a new, consolidated, and coherent product or service across all touchpoints.

Ready to get in the game and see how Product Definition can elevate your business? Send us an e-mail to info@fluxitsoft.com and learn more about how this practice can be your winning play.