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We Hosted a Digital Finance Webinar with Iupana

Last month, we hosted the webinar “Digital Banking: Tools for Future Users” together with Iupana, the leading source of information on digital banking, fintech companies, and payments in Latin America.

This event was designed for industry leaders in banking and fintech, with the aim of exploring the main trends that have an impact on this industry nowadays. We delved into the current demands of users, the momentum behind technology, and the necessary adaptation of all involved organizations.

Digital banking is constantly evolving, and increasingly more users are seeking agile, secure, and customized solutions to manage their finances. That is why, together with Iupana, we have assembled an experts’ panel which included María del Pilar Correa (Chief Product Officer at Nequi), Jesús Zuñiga (Market Development Manager at Mastercard), and Lucrecia Feller (UX Leader at Flux IT representing the company). The discussion revolved around identifying new needs, understanding what future users value most, and designing superior products and services, among other topics.

In the words of Lucrecia Feller,

“It is fascinating to take part in these events and combine different perspectives to envision the near and not-so-near future of financial solutions.”

We want to thank each participant in the event, and we would like to encourage you to follow us on social media to stay updated on future opportunities like this one. If you could not join us or wish to rewatch the webinar, you can access the recording here.