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Flux IT ft. Banco de Corrientes

We set the ball rolling and started off our first project with Banco de Corrientes, a renowned financial institution that has been operating in the country ever since 1950; an institution that has more than 40 branches and 3 annexes and that directly serves 81% of the people who live in the province of the same name.

The challenge implies improving the bank’s mobile app (BanCo móvil) by means of developing and implementing a new set of features that are mainly related to security and digital payments, for instance: biometric login, OTP token, NFC, and Apple Pay.

A fluxer team will work on this project for the next 9 months with 100% native mobile technology to achieve this goal, thus updating the app and allowing the bank to improve its customers’ experiences and operational possibilities while also moving forward with what is on its digital roadmap.

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