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We Started Developing a New Customer Portal for Relocation Insurance Group

In January we embarked on a new project with Relocation Insurance Group, Flux IT’s client since 2017 and a leading provider of risk solutions for customers, moving, storage, and fine art companies, as well as logistics and freight shipping for the past 18 years.

The project entails developing a new portal aimed at RIG’s end clients, who get insurance coverage for their move. For 6 weeks, a fluxer team will be working on setting up the tool, which will be initially launched with a set of features aimed at inventory upload, tracking, and interaction.

Moreover, a specialist from our Experience Design team will also take part to ensure that the interface and experience are user-friendly and intuitive.

This project will be the first one from a new business line regarding the joint work between the two companies, which will be added to Flux IT’s existing support service.

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