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C.Hub, our VBS, Consolidates its Position in the Market

In 2023, we put together all the knowledge we have learnt from more than 12 years of experience in port industries to launch Container Hub; an expanded VBS (Vehicle Booking System) that seeks to streamline and optimize logistics management at port terminals and that multiplies what Flux IT has to offer to this industry.

With multiple features, C.Hub positions itself as a comprehensive solution that goes beyond appointment management since it creates and adds value to different players of the port community. The product was built from a holistic viewpoint, thus taking into consideration the entire operation cycle of port terminals. C.Hub operates on different points of contact to optimize key activities. This holistic approach boosts business expansion, and, at the same time, it improves user experience and the perception that users have of the product.

Its expanded features include gate configuration, import declarations and prior notice of intent to export, parking lot, gate mobile, and other features that streamline the way in which different players operate, either if such players are terminals, transport agents or government organizations.

The new commercial strategy, which comes to strengthen C.Hub’s position in the market, includes the creation of different licenses that make the product simpler, cheaper, and with higher application speed, thus allowing terminals to choose the option that best fits their needs.

Besides, to keep expanding C.Hub’s features, we have teamed up with two leading companies in the industry: Solvo that will provide us with new customizable port tools for multi-purpose port terminals, and AllRead that will add to our smart appointment system the power of its deep-learning-based OCR software to completely automate port gates so as to offer an even more comprehensive solution.

As Mariano Gorgas, Business Developer at Flux IT, said:

“The tool is getting quite a positive response from customers, precisely, because it is a product that functions well either at terminals that work with containers or at terminals that work with general cargo and bulk cargo.”

If you want to find out more about C.Hub, visit www.containerhub.app and learn what this tool can do for your business.