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Fluxibility all around

Fluxibility is the balance between personal life and work. Fluxibility is also your capacity to adapt to very different challenges.

When you immediately adapt to a new project or when you choose to ask for days off to be at home watching Netflix, you are making use of your fluxibility.

Crazy about technology

Flux IT was created by 4 developers, so nerds, you are welcome to the club. Our technical abilities are the basis to go from ideas to action.

There are 10 types of people: those who are ready to work at Flux IT and those who are not.

We go for everything

To be a fluxer is to use your creativity to make things happen. Flux IT gives you space to propose, train and multiply your skills. To go for everything is to want more.

Did you know that from curiosity and desire of a fluxer, Flux IT has today a spin off devoted to bioinformatics called Bitgenia?

Team is our magic word

When fluxers make a team, nothing can stop us. Our tactic involves horizontal communication, collaborative spirit and after office meetings with lots of beer. The golden rule: being close to each player will always be the key to win.

At Flux IT, we have RunRun, a social network that was created by fluxers and it is today a virtual meeting point which highlights our desire to be together.

Design an extra benefit per year in teams
Are you going to become a dad? Add days to your leave
Work at our home or from home
Summer at Flux IT: season’s specials
Free days to give fresh air to your routine
English Experience: learn how to get this!
Is it your birthday? We gift you a day off ;)
Activate your training: Flux IT is with you
Have breakfast as if you were at home
Customize your holidays
“There is no energy more powerful than a team that trusts its potential, does not limit itself nor has fears of being challenged.” Alfonsina Chesini, CEO at Flux IT

Be a fluxer