Our culture pillars

Fluxibility all around

Fluxibility is the balance between personal life and work. It is also our ability to adapt to very different challenges.

When we immediately adapt to a new project or when we choose to ask for days off to stay at home watching Netflix, we are getting the most out of our fluxibility.

Crazy about tech

Flux IT was created by 4 developers, so all nerds are welcome to the club. Our technical abilities are the basis to go from ideas to action.

There are 10 types of people: those who are ready to work at Flux IT and those who are not.

We go all in

Being a fluxer means using our creativity to make things happen. Flux IT gives us room to propose, train and multiply our skills. To go all in means to strive for more!

Did you know that thanks to a fluxer’s curiosity Flux IT has a spin-off devoted to bioinformatics called Bitgenia?

Team is our magic word

When we team up, nothing can stop us. Our approach involves horizontal communication, collaborative spirit, and many rituals to interact and have fun. The golden rule: being close to each other will always be the key to winning.

At Flux IT, we have RunRun: a social network created by fluxers. It is our virtual meeting point which highlights our desire to be together.

Flux IT Box A set of perks & benefits to simplify your routine.

Family We take care of you and your family.

Healthcare coverage

Premium medical coverage for you and your family.

Maternity Soft Landing

Reduced workday for 3 months following your return from maternity leave.

Extended Paternity Leave

We provide 15 paid days.

Birth Gift

We celebrate the new addition to the family!

Wellness We help you achieve a work-life balance.

Flux IT Assistance

Psychological, legal, financial, dietary & management assistance for you and your family.

Flux Week

+5 days off to unwind.

Birthday Day Off

Take a day off to enjoy your birthday :)

Flexible Holidays

Customize your holidays.

Learning Opportunities to boost your professional skills

Online training courses

Access to E-learning platforms to upgrade your skills.

Graduation Gift

We celebrate this big professional step with you.

Online English Lessons

Discounts to learn English.

Rewards Discounts & bonuses to boost your finances

Bites 4 Fluxers

Lunch is on Flux IT 😉

Internet Reimbursement

We support your Internet expenses.

Flux IT Referral Program

We reward you for referring future fluxers.

Phone Service Discount

Discount on phone service plans for fluxers.

Did we pass the vibe check?

Join us!