5 May, 2018

IMS launched ONE, a new digital campaign manager created together with Flux IT

Internet Media Services (IMS) LatAm, a leading company in communication and digital marketing, launched in April, its new product IMS ONE, developed together with Flux IT. This tool, aimed at agencies from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, makes it possible to manage advertising campaigns in Twitter, Spotify and LinkedIn in an easy, rapid and efficient manner. With this, it is possible to manage purchase orders, create campaigns and send creativity, optimizing implementation times and execution of multi platform campaigns.

Among IMS ONE functionalities, we can mention:

  • Precise recommendations with pre-defined parameters of audience and format according to the objective defined.
  • Access to status and history of one’s own and team’s campaigns through customized profiles.
  • Online support through an exclusive chat within the platform.

It will soon be ready to operate with Snapchat, Yahoo, Electronic Arts, Twitch and Foursquare.