6 March, 2016

A Mobile Path: Hospital Italiano success story

With the goal of being at the forefront of technology, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires began working with Flux IT in order to develop mobile applications for different processes and services within the hospital.

The Hospital’s IT Unit called Flux IT in to help them implement mobile technologies. Their request was twofold: on the one hand, they wanted to answer nurses’ needs regarding their daily tasks, and on the other, they were looking to improve ambulance care assistants’ performance.

Having this scenario in mind, Flux IT began to work in collaboration with the IT Unit in order to develop a multiplatform, mobile application. To learn more about the development process and to get to know more about this tool, please feel free to read this Success Story.


“This project was a great opportunity to learn more about mobile development in a complex environment with multiple players such as Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. We also had the chance to share the experience with the Hospital’s IT Unit, and to promote the use of agile methodologies during the course of the project.”

Nicolás Romagnoli, developer at Flux IT 


“My collaboration in the Hospital’s projects turned out to be a very productive and rewarding experience. On a professional level, I was able to learn more about mobile apps, focusing on improving the daily activities of specific users in a very specific context and aiming at specific goals. On a personal level, working together with UX experts from the Hospital was really gratifying for me.”

Laureana Porterie, UX designer at Flux IT