6 December, 2015

Palenque project

Farming Industry and Big Data

The Palenque project consists of a platform and an application ecosystem to provide Big Data-based technology solutions to farmers, as well as to the public sector and other players in the production market and the scientific community. Flux IT and the consulting firm 7Puentes, Big Data solutions experts, have been chosen to undertake this project.


“Palenque is a research and development project, whose aim is to reach farther and go beyond the people of Argentina using state-of-the-art technology.”

Lautaro Chiarle, project leader at FLux IT


The first stage of the project will be completed in 7 months. The Flux IT team working in this project includes functional analysts, software architects, developers, and UX designers.

This an ambitious project, requiring a great diversity of players and information. The main goal is to offer a technical framework, tools and infrastructure to enable the development of applications capable of providing farmers with solutions based on Big Data.

This project will be highly relevant as a means of information exchange among all parties involved, thus creating a farming social network for the collaboration and sharing of experiences.

Palenque has the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, the National Association of Regional Consortiums on Experimental Farming (AACREA), the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), and the national telecommunications state company ARSAT —in charge of storing the data and providing processing capacity to the platform.

At Flux IT, we are proud of being a part of a national project of this magnitude.