6 July, 2015

Hospital Garrahan and Flux IT

Flux IT started working in collaboration with the Cell Biology and Retrovirology Lab at the Hospital Garrahan out of the need to create a bioinformatics tools for the comprehensive analysis of clinical and genetic data.

SISGEN-HIV was specially created to study HIV-1 infection, to interpret specific data and their relation to the patients’ evolution and treatment parameters.

This tool was jointly developed by the researchers working at the Hospital’s lab, our specialized team at Flux IT, and the IT Systems Service of the Hospital, with the support of the Dirección Asociada de Docencia e Investigación (Teaching and Researching Association Office) at Garrahan.

SISGEN-HIV serves as an excellent example of interdisciplinary work. The worlds of Molecular Biology and IT have come together to put their experiences and expertise to the service of HIV-infected children. To learn more about the complete project and about SISGEN-HIV, please feel free to download this Success Story.


“This was an extremely rewarding experience for everyone involved. We had the opportunity to get to know the way things are done at a research lab. And we were faced with the challenge of communicating with a team that speaks a different language all together. Fortunately, we succeeded! Knowing that you’re working to help doctors do their research on HIV in children is inspiring and rewarding beyond words.”

Germán Biagioli, bioinformatics project manager at Flux IT