6 May, 2015

Agile Brigade

Interview with the Agile Brigade team members at Flux IT

“As a result of our curiosity and willingness to develop better work methods and techniques in our agile teams, we have recently formed a group to share, guide and improve the agile experience at Flux IT.”

Pablo Orsini, project leader at Flux IT


This is how the Agile Brigade came to be.

The Board of Directors at Flux IT encouraged this initiative from the very beginning. It is their wish that Flux IT becomes established as an agile company.


“The context in which we work makes it easy for a space like this one to be productive and useful.”

Agustina Bazzano, project analyst at Flux IT 


For a company to be considered agile it is not enough that its teams use agile tools. Rather, the company’s values and culture must be aligned with an agile framework.


“Our entire culture is agile. Flux IT is not a company doing agile development. Flux IT is a culturally agile company.”

Agustina Bazzano, project analyst at Flux IT


The Brigade’s first task was to assess which projects were using agile tools and how. Only then were the foundations and the goal of the Brigade presented to the Board of Directors.

The software industry experiences constant change, and IT companies must be ready to agilely respond to this changing reality.


“An agile methodology consists of guidelines to get things done. It is an action framework.”

Christian Molfa, functional analyst at Flux IT


At Flux IT, developers and usability analysts are an integral part of the project teams from sprint zero. Fernando Feller, UX manager, tells us how he became involved in the Brigade, and how the agile methodologies were applied in his area.


“We had to define our role, while at the same time adapt the agile methodologies to the work we do in the Usability area.”

Fernando Feller, UX manager at Flux IT 


“This Brigade speaks of how things are done here at Flux IT. We meet during working hours, using time from our individual projects to focus on the Brigade. And the company totally encourages us to do so.”

Pablo Orsini, project leader at Flux IT


Nowadays, companies from different sectors are showing interest in getting to know how these methodologies are used, and the advantages they have to offer. The Brigade runs workshops on agile methodologies both for fluxers and for other companies. Participants learn how to use the agile methodologies, and also get to experience the advantages of doing so.

Regarding agile tools the highlights are to take changes and uncertainty as part of the process, the response time, and the relationship with the user. At Flux IT, agile methodologies are used not only in the technical projects, but they are an integral part of the company’s culture.