6 August, 2014

Technology ecosystem at Sancor Seguros

We helped Sancor Seguros expand its business into the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR, for its acronym in Spanish) —a challenge that involved a major technology update process.

Grupo Sancor Seguros is an insurance company specializing in people, property, and farming insurance. With a track record of 70 years in the insurance industry, the company’s constant growth is based on its service offering, social development, and the creation of new businesses.

We worked in the development of a process automation platform to be inserted into their technology ecosystem, while making the end users’ experience an integral part of all of the processes.

As a result, we were able to provide higher application efficiency and productivity; to gather statistics about the processes performance in order to improve them when needed; and to easily guarantee the processes consistency and quality, which in turn translated into a reduction in costs regarding changes in their business processes.

For a detailed description of the implemented solution, please read Sancor Seguros case study.

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