4 May, 2014

BioFlux, winner of Sadosky 2013 Award

In 2013, Flux IT and the Structural Bioinformatics Group from the Exact and Natural Sciences School (FCEyN) at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) received the prestigious Sadosky Award on Technology and Innovation: Collaborative Research Project Industry-Academy.

Also on October 31, 2013, Flux IT received recognition from the Chamber of Business for Software and Information Services of Argentina (CESSI). The Collaborative Research Project Industry-Academy Award is given to joint research projects on innovative technologies, where research groups from the academic sector join IT companies and/or government institutions.

BioFlux is an innovative project that started in mid 2011. This project is a joint effort between the Structural Bioinformatics Group of the FCEyN at the UBA and Flux IT. Its aim is to develop a bioinformatics platform to provide pharmacogenomics analysis services to prevention and personalized medicine models.